Introducing Hot Buttons and Graphs!

A quick look at exciting new features.

Posted on February 12, 2019 · 4 min read

We've been hard at work on new features and wanted to take a moment to write about a few of our favorites!

Hot Buttons

One feature we're most excited about is Hot Buttons. These allow you to ring up items with just a couple of taps! VMX POS has never been more touch-friendly. Cashiers can easily toggle between the traditional ‘ring up’ mode and this new touch mode.

Easily view and ring up common items using Hot Buttons.

Data Visualization

We're always looking for better ways to present your data. New line, bar, and doughnut graphs viualize your data in ways that allow you to more easily identify trends in real-time. Whether it's sales, number of receipts, or margin, you can now compare this year's to previous years' numbers at a glance!

Identify and compare seasonal and year-over-year sales trends.

Barcoded Suspended Sales

We've long had the ability to suspend and recall sales and quotes, but suspended sales can now be recalled faster than ever by simply scanning a barcode. When suspending a sale, you now have the option to print a barcoded ticket, which can be scanned later to immediately recall the sale for editing or tendering.

Thanks for taking the time to read about what we've been up to! Let us know if you're interested in seeing more. We love getting to show what we've built!

Andy Hanna
Written by

Andy Hanna

Founder, VMX

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